Dear Friends of My Father's Place, patrons, and ticket holders.

My Father’s Place will be back as soon as it is safe and feasible to reopen. Right now it looks like late September or October of this year will be the earliest that indoor venues will be allowed to operate at a reasonable capacity and artists will be hitting the road again.

We should know by early this Summer what the situation will be with the pandemic, and hopefully by then we can give further details. Please hold on to your tickets, as we will be rebooking the postponed shows and new shows as well.

We hope you are safe and in good spirits during this difficult period, and we look forward to bringing you great shows soon.

In the meantime, we will be presenting light, ambient entertainment in the ballroom, featuring Mark Mancini and special guests, to provide you with a place to hang out until we reopen. Come join us every Friday and Saturday night for some cool music and a great time.


My Father’s Place

Special Needs:

My Father’s Place welcomes everyone to come and enjoy our music and food. For those with special needs, we will do everything we can to ensure you have a great experience. 

Wheelchair Access:

MFP and the Roslyn Hotel are fully wheelchair accessible. Please enter from the second floor garage level (the main entrance of the club) where special parking is provided and there are no steps.

Email us at and we can hold a table for you.

Dining Needs:

Please email us at or notify your server if you any food allergies.​

Convenience Fees:

Like most venues, My Father's Place has a convenience fee on each ticket. The $6 fee is the same on every ticket, regardless of the price and how/where it is purchased. ​


Like most venues, My Father's Place has a no refunds, no exchanges policy. However, when a patron is looking to sell tickets to another patron for an already sold out show, we are happy to connect the two parties. 

My Father's Place is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.