MFP Will Be reopening this fall

Dear Friends and Patrons,

My Father’s Place would like to clarify and correct some of the statements that may have appeared recently on the Internet.

My Father’s Place is currently closed because of COVID. Up until recently all venues were closed or had mandates that prevented full occupancy, which made reopening My Father’s Place impossible. The pandemic caused great financial difficulties to our organization. Despite the ongoing economic hardship, our primary goal is and will continue to be the health and safety of our patrons, our staff, and the artists.

Independent venues across the country had been desperately awaiting for various forms of economic relief for months, while major corporations like Live Nation were reopening venues, placing the independents like us at a severe disadvantage. Because we specialize in national and international touring acts, and not local bands, we are not able to reopen instantly, but need to book acts and bands as they start to resume their touring. It had always been anticipated that even under the best of circumstances, we would not reopen until the fall of this year.

We did try promoting some light live entertainment in April, but this was not successful. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over, but rather we are experiencing another surge. As a business, we cannot reopen and then close again, nor can we reopen at less than full capacity, and of course mask and vaccine mandates are all making the situation very uncertain. We would rather wait a bit longer, to see where this surge goes, before committing to reopening too soon.

We have been in active discussions with the hotel regarding our future. Despite some frustrations, the club has been successful in attracting top talent, a loyal audience, and is one of the best sounding and most comfortable places to see a show in America. It is fully anticipated My Father’s Place will put on shows as soon as we feel we can safely invite capacity audiences back inside our club and successfully resume profitable operations without fearing further future interruption.

Thank you for your support,

My Father's Place